What We Do

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Mattiossie Group is not just your ordinary non-profit management and consultancy company, but we are a DEVELOPMENT FIRM. The group takes vision and dreams to a new stage -- Manifestation Development.

We are about more than management of a company, we are about cultivating the vision, the project, and/or the program. Our corporation and group consultant's are committed to working with individuals, businesses, organizations, communities, and churches/faith-based entities to cultivate their non-profit and charitable visions, projects, programs, etc. into successful realities.


A large part of the Mattiossie Group is the integration and development of web-based content for non-profit, charitable, and faith-based organizations.  This division of the firm focuses on inspiring, encouraging, and equipping those with a heart of service with online resources and applications that will assist them in going forth and making a difference in the lives of their communities and beyond.

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Software, Hardware, and Mobile Application Development is the newest and most aspiring division of the Mattiossie Group.  This divisions primary focus is to bring ease to non-profit, charitable, and faith-based programs and organizations through the development of software, hardware, and mobile applications that produce productivity and effectiveness within organizations, as well as, provide solutions to day-to-day tasks with a full commitment to make non-profit management and service dissemination

The Mattiossie Group also works to develop educational technology for the general public and those with disabilities, in order to effectively provide training and educational retention in youth and adults


The Entrepreneurial Development Center is the division of the firm that develops and manages the direct entrepreneurial projects of the Mattiossie Group.  This division is devised of businesses, programs, and independent projects that are started or acquired by the Mattiossie Group, Inc.

Most of the businesses held by the corporation maintains direct association with the company's vision and mission statement to service, commitment, and guidance within the non-profit/charitable arena.

If you have a business that you are possibly interested in us considering and meets or mission criteria, we would be glad to hear from you.

More About Us


Birthing Vision

“Each of us (males, too) can give birth, whether it be in the natural or spiritual - It is a sense of production. Birthing a natural child. Birthing a spiritual vision. It is a step up, an elevation, and an integration to manifestation.

Birthing is God's proof in the earth realm of His Diviness of creation. Each of us when we follow His leading and obey are proof of that same thing.

With Obedience, we can then stand - not just as individuals with potential, but as divine vessels with EVIDENCE.”

Charita Johnson,
CEO, Mattiossie Group, Inc.


A major mission of this firm continues to be comprising teams of experienced and dedicated individuals with a heart of service and various expertise to effectively and productively serve the many charitable organizations, businesses, and programs that are a part of the Mattiossie Group